Dense Tropical Rain Forest, Costa Rica

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Deep in the dense tropical rain forest of Costa Rica, the landscape is a monochromatic study in green.

This photograph was taken in a lush jungle of Costa Rica. The dense tropical rain forest here is so dense, and so full of life! From a photograph like this, it may seem like the forest is lacking in animal life. Obviously, this couldn't be further from the truth. If this were an audio recording, you would hear an endless cacophony of birds, bugs, and monkeys howling. If it were a video recording, the view would be constantly complicated by birds whizzing across the frame, and fronds shaking from where one recently alit. But there's beauty in seeing this view as a still frame, too. It changes the scene from a study in biodiversity to a study in flora. I didn't even really get a chance to take note of all the plants until editing this photograph later. I love all the types of palms and ferns that you keep noticing the more you investigate. Even more, I love the vigor of all the plants. It's all completely, unabashedly green – no signs of anything but total health.

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