Croatian Countryside At Krka National Park

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The Krka River cascades over stunning tufa formations in the sunny Croatian Countryside.

If you see Croatia by boat, as I did, make sure you take an excursion inland. The Dalmatian Coast is admittedly some of the most stunning shoreline I've ever seen, and it's hard to pull yourself away. But the Croatian Countryside has a lot to offer, too. Take Krka National Park, the location of this photograph. The Krka River, which cascades through these foothills of the Dinaric Alps, is the longest river in Croatia. In this canyon, the makeup of the rock allows for the solidification of minerals dissolved in the river, creating formations known as tufa. But beyond having amazing landscapes and geology, it also has amazing history. Native people have fished these rivers, and harnessed their power for milling grain, for millennia. And despite many worldwide empires having come through the region, their culture and way life is still alive and well.

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