Changdeokgung Secret Garden in Spring

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This is the Changdeokgung Secret Garden, in South Korea. I like Changdeokgung most of all the palaces in Seoul, even without the Secret Garden. I just find it more interesting. It has more little enclaves to discover, and more variety of architecture. But the Secret Garden puts it on another level. Unlike most of Seoul's national treasures, the Secret Garden escaped significant damage by Japanese invaders, presumably for three reasons. Firstly, many think that even the hostile Japanese wanted to preserve its extreme beauty. Also, the garden wasn't a significant target because it was not of significant governmental use. Lastly, the main source of the garden's beauty is not from buildings that can simply be knocked down, but rather from the natural landscape, which is more easily overlooked by invaders. I am grateful that it survived, because it is truly a place to cherish.

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