Castillo At Dusk – Castillo de San Marcos, St Augustine Florida

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Castillo de San Marcos and Sabal palm trees silhouetted at dusk in St Augustine, Florida.

If the general feel of this photograph seems familiar, it should. I’m not sure whether its an atmospheric quirk unique to the coastal regions where these Sabal palm trees also happen to grow, but this scene looks remarkably similar to the South Carolina license plate (with the notable addition of the Castillo de San Marcos). What I’m referring is the silhouette of the sabal palm, as well as the gradient in the sky. It progresses from a pastel red, to white, to a deep navy blue. Almost patriotic! Fitting not only for the topic of the image, but also since I was there on Memorial Day. I’m sure that this beautiful sky gradient is not unique to this region. But I’m also sure that it’s not the same gradient everywhere. In California, it was oranges and purples. I’d guess it has something to do with the particles in the sky, and how they scatter the light. The salty and water-saturated air here would be expected to scatter light differently than the dusty dry air in California.

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