Carving Stone – Rodeo Beach California

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On a clear sunset at Rodeo Beach, in the Marin Headlands of California, the sky becomes second fiddle to the interesting geology of the beach.

Rodeo Beach is one of the most stunning beaches available in California’s Bay Area. It draws throngs of photographers who come for its dramatic sea-stacks and sheer cliffs. These were indeed the things that captivated me most on previous visits. But this time, I was far more intrigued by the giant rocks that line the beach. I had never before noticed how beautiful they were, with their intricate veins and patterns. I could not help but think that if the beach wasn’t protected as part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, sculptors and artists would have taken these rocks long ago. But now they just sit on the shore, reserved for the world’s oldest sculptor. Slowly and methodically being fashioned into a living work of art, unequaled by any carved by human hands.

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