California Poppies On The Stanislaus River

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California poppies bloom in unison along the Stanislaus River in the Sierra foothills.

This is a photograph from Knight’s Ferry Recreation Area in the stunning 2014 spring wildflower bloom. Knight’s Ferry is a small historic town on the shores of the Stanislaus River, about a two hour drive due east of San Francisco. The recreation area has trails that follow the shores of the Stanislaus upstream, in the Goodwin Canyon direction. What an area! This was my first time exploring the Stanislaus, and I must say, the beauty absolutely stunned me. The dominant flowers during my visit were poppies and lupine, with many others sprinkled in to lesser degrees. The river and the high canyons that surround it, completely draped in wildflowers, was one of the most memorable places I’ve ever been.

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