California Buckeyes After Dusting – Russian Ridge OSP

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California Buckeyes cling to the hillside in Russian Ridge Open Space, while a passing storm dusts light snow over the landscape.

Whenever I’m at Russian Ridge, I can’t resist visiting my favorite trees. Even moreso if there is a good chance of them having a somewhat unique appearance that day. So after a brief dusting of snow, I definitely had to pay a visit to this cluster of California Buckeyes. The air was crisper than usual, and the clouds higher, but mainly I hoped for some evidence of snowfall. I got it, sort of: the white you see on the ground is indeed snow. But if I didn’t tell you, it might simply look like sandy soil. But even so, I still love this photo because of its dichotomies: the dichotomy between the snow and the grass, between the bare buckeyes and the dense oak forests beyond, and between the valley fog and the passing storm clouds above.

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