Calanque D’en Vau – Cassis, France

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Photograph from the stunning Massif des Calanques National Park, near Cassis, France.

I never knew France had landscapes like this. When I think of French landscapes, I think of gentle rolling green hills. Or maybe the inland Alps, or the more iconic coastline stretches of the French Riviera. When I visited Cassis, my relatives had planned a tour of “The Calanques.” I usually do a ton of preparation before any trip, but hadn't been able to do so this time. Well, the Calanques caught me very off guard. What a stunning place! The Massif des Calanques, as it is officially known, is a National Park just west of Cassis. I think technically this makes it not part of the French Riviera, but it's close. These sheer-cliffed inlets have been formed over millions of years, both by river erosion, as well as the collapse of internal cave structures. Pictured here is the Calanque d'En Vau, one of the few with a beach at the end.

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