Black Forest – Foggy Forest along Black Mountain Trail

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Deep in California’s Santa Cruz Mountains, an eerie foggy glow envelops the Black Mountain Trail.

The way fog comes into the Santa Cruz Mountains is like the way water laps at rocks on a beach. The height of the fog (which depends on the temperature of the ocean and the air, and many other things) determines which mountains it will crest over. This then determines which valleys it will flow down on the other side. Because of this, anyone who is not an expert meteorologist as well as an expert on Bay Area geography will never quite know where the fog will always be. This was the case for me on this morning. It was my first time hiking the Black Mountain Trail, in Rancho San Antonio Open Space. Around every bend was a surprise, but around this specific bend was quite the surprise. It did not seem like a foggy day at all, up until this point. But upon rounding this bend, I was confronted with a dense wall of mist. The unexpectedness of it, and the way the trees filtered the soft morning sun, made for quite an experience.

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