Behind The Mask – North Table Mountain

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A beautiful creek meanders through late poppies and volcanic basalt, right before plunging off the cliff and becoming Phantom Falls.

My title for this photograph is perhaps a bit too abstract, even for me. “Behind The Mask” pays homage to the name of the waterfall in this picture, Phantom Falls. Get it? Like how the phantom wears a mask? Maybe not. Anyway, if you don't see the waterfall in this photo, that's because this vantage is above the falls. Right in the center of the image, where the creek ends, the water plunges over a massive basalt cliff, becoming Phantom Falls. I love how this vantage feels nearly polar opposite compared to when you are looking at the waterfall and cliff. It feels almost like a “behind the scenes” look at the drama of Phantom Falls. While the waterfall is one of the most dramatic I've ever seen, from here it is total peace and tranquility — a much more accurate representation of the true feel of North Table Mountain Ecological Preserve.

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