Back To Your Roots – Palm Tree Roots at Sunset

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This is a photograph of Biscayne Bay, taken from Key Biscayne at sunset. Just across the water one can see Miami and Coconut Grove, bustling urban centers that dominate the waterfront. But here on this part of the Key, the native vegetation still reigns supreme. Pictured here are the roots of a palm tree long since doomed by the shifting sands. I can't be certain exactly what species these palm tree roots belonged to. There are many widespread native species, but to me these look like the roots of a coconut palm, which is actually not native. Coconut trees are native to the tropical portions of the Pacific and Indian oceans, but they've now spread to all tropical oceans thanks to humans. It always kind of surprised me that the coconuts hadn't made that trip on their own, being such prolific floaters. Also in this picture is the foliage of a sea grape tree, a native for sure.

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