Avalanche Lake at Dawn – Glacier National Park

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Giant seasonal waterfalls stream down the mountainsides above Avalanche Lake, in Glacier National Park.

At the end of an amazing pre-dawn hike up Avalanche Creek in Glacier National Park, Montana, the path opened up on to Avalanche Lake. As the sun was peaking over the mountains, the snow began melting to form waterfalls tumbling over the giant cliffs. The result was a stunningly beautiful scene that I’ll keep with me forever. When you hear about the tallest waterfalls in the U.S., you hear about waterfalls like Yosemite Falls. But I must imagine the cascades in this photograph are taller. I suspect their seasonal nature, or perhaps the fact that they aren’t “unbroken”, prevents them from any sort of appearance in the record books. However, I still find them to be some of the most incredible, memorable waterfalls I’ve ever seen.

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