Ancient Jungle – Uvas Canyon, California

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Giant roots, covered in moss and ferns, and a landscape dripping with moisture give the feel of an ancient primordial jungle.

When I was still new to California, and searching for new places to explore, Uvas Canyon was quite the discovery. Well, I was actually always searching for new places to explore. But towards the beginning, I think I was subconsciously searching for places that felt like the mountains of North Carolina. In North Carolina, the mountains are always wet and green, with waterfalls everywhere. California’s Santa Cruz Mountains really aren’t the same, but early on I was trying to force them to be. Uvas Canyon is really the only place I found that truly felt like the Appalachians back east. Long after other streams have dried up, Uvas Canyon is still happily flowing. I’m sure this patch of lush jungle is anything but ancient — earthquakes are constantly shifting where perennial streams flow here — but nevertheless, the giant roots, moss, and ferns gave it an ancient feel to me.

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