Alamere Falls on Crisp Day – Point Reyes

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Alamere Falls is a large “tidefall” or waterfall that falls into the ocean, in Point Reyes National Seashore, California.

Alamere Falls is one of the crowned jewels of Point Reyes National Seashore, California. Though not visited as frequently as the other icons, like Chimney Rock and the lighthouse, it is easily as beautiful. This type of waterfall is called a “tidefall,” which means it falls directly onto a beach or into an ocean. Alamere Falls is one of only two tidefalls in California, along with McWay Falls in Big Sur. At 40 feet high, Alamere is shorter than McWay, but often has significantly more water flow. It’s also usually a bit memptier, since the closest road is about a 5 mile hike away. In addition, getting all the way to the waterfall’s base requires quite a scramble. However, on this beautiful winter day, the nicest weather we had seen in a while, quite a few people made the trek. I struggled to find a composition that even had few enough people for me to crop or clone out. I settled on this composition, giving equal homage to the waterfall as well as the final stretch down the pebbly beach and into the Pacific Ocean.

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