Above the Peruvian Andes

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The majestic peaks of South America’s Andes Mountains are draped in shades of blue when seen from high above.

I witnessed this stunning scene from high above the Peruvian Andes from the window of a passenger airplane while flying over Peru, to Cusco. I am always amazed at how close huge mountains can get to even modern jet-liners’ cruising altitude. It seems like they are right there! I will always remember this photograph as the one that taught me the value of post processing in my art. The window was so dirty that the colors were too muted, that the photo was unusable. Or so I thought. But then months later, someone saw it and told me they thought it could be really beautiful with just a slight color and contrast enhancement. I asked them to show me, and it blew me away. It kick-started my desire to learn Photoshop, which was the key that propelled my photography to a new level.

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